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AMES Society

The Ahmed Memorial Educational Society was established to cater to the requirements of the people of old city, specially the girls. Since its inception in 1981, the society has made great strides. Starting humbly with 200 students, today there are 4500 students 400 faculty members spread over two sprawling campuses. ISLAMIA GROUP OF EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS is the flagship organization of the society. Irrespective if region, religion and caste, the society has ever been engaged in imparting quality education.

S.No Name Educational Qualification Professional Occupation Designation
1 Mrs. Jaweeda Begum M.A. Private Service President
2 Mr Salman Ahmed Ph.D Business Vice President
3 Mr Khaja Hassan B.A. Business General Secretary
4 Mr Md Jameel Ahmed Junaidi B.A. Business Joint Secretary
5 Mr K. Awais Ahmed LLB Business Tresurer
6 Mr. Syed Fazil Ali MBA Business Executive Members
7 Mr. Khaja Akther Ali Degree Business Executive Members
8 Mr. Md Nayeem Uddin Husami M.A. Land Lord Member
9 Mr. Khaja Azmath Ali Degree Business Member


Mr.Khaja Hassan is a Story of strong resolute and societal transformation .He is an educationist by profession and philanthropist by passion .His Service to education sector is gigantic and his contribution to the society is remarkable. He is polite , but firm; he has a deep connect to his roots, his humility is transparent and energy is contagious.

Islamia Group of educational institutions, set up by Mr. Khaja Hasan is a flag bearer of the changing landscape of the learning needs of the society .Over 5 Lac students have pursued various courses in his schools and colleges for the last 40 years. In pursuit of rendering knowledge to the deprived and the downtrodden Muslim community of the old city of Hyderabad, Mr Khaja has created a place for himself as a emancipator of illiteracy and ignorance.

Under the guidance of his Late father Mr Khaja Ahmed Ali, the then sarpanch of his village ,Mr Hassan learnt the values of modesty and simplicity. These values are upheld by him even today. His childhood days where mostly spend in imbibing the lessons of selfless service to society.

He has withstood many a storms to establish an educational consortium. His journey was never easy. His days of struggle to teach the youth of old city was met with ignorant views and deep rooted evils of society. Mr. Hassan’s educational Philosophy is humane and tilted in favour of the downtrodden. His relentless efforts of over 4 decades stand testimony to his hard work and commitment. Mr Khaja Hassan is an art graduate from Osmania University.

Mr Khaja Hassan is an Art Graduate from Osmania University. He is a strong proponent of Telangana statehood. He has lead his student life leading from the forefront as a student leader in the Telangana agitation of 1969. He was arrested from the kawdipally Mandal in Medak district and put in jail for 8 days.

Mr Khaja Hussain, today is heading various Unions and Educational institutions Association all over Hyderabad. His services to the Central Peace and Welfare committee South Zone Hyderabad is a matter of great Prestige .His relentless service for the last 35 years in maintaining peace and harmony in the city of Hyderabad have won him many admirers across the spectrum of the society.

He has been meticulous in his execution in all his previous engagements and his record is entirely free from any controversies.

Education begins with keen observation, attentive listening and zealous practice by application in real life situations. It is not merely the time spent that is important but how well and how effectively and how much one learn and what skills one acquired, which is the most important index of quality.

Education Technology ought to concern itself with creation of an environment, congenial to a Effective Teaching Learning Process. "The goal is to produce devoted students and inspired teachers".

About President

Mrs. Jaweeda Begum, well known as the pioneer of women education is the pride of every women of old city of Hyderabad. A highly eloquent speaker and a great strategist is a well known personality in the education sector. Her tremendous efforts to bring forward the ISLAMIA group to the forefront is a well known fact. It is loudly signified through the mercurial success of brand ISLAMIA in girl education. She is also involved in many social services and leads many charitable organizations. Her zeal for near perfection and vast wisdom leads the employees of the organization to give in their best at every level. She continues to guide the members of AMES towards newer insights of education field.