About Us

Islamia College of Education and Elementary Education is located in Hyderabad, Telangana.  The college was established in the year 2002 & 2005 respectively .  This is a co – educational and self financed institute.  The College is affiliated to Osmania University & D.S.E respectively.

The main objective is to prepare students for the teaching profession.  During the conase, the students are sent to different schools for teaching practice.  The college holds a big seminar hall, equipped with modern audio – visual equipment, a library cum reading room and Laboratories.  In an academic year the college can accommodate up to 300 students of both B.Ed. & D. Ed. college.

History of the Institution.

Islamia college of Education and Elementary Education was established in the year 2002 and 2005 respectively under Ahmed Memorial Education Society yakutpura, Hyderabad is one of the Premier institution of teacher education in the old city. It Promotoes quality teacher education for the Students of Twin Cities Specially the poor minority candidates.

History of the Institution.

It is said that unless each and every citizen of a nation is made literate it cannot imagine itself to be ranked as a developed nation and this is possible only through teachers. with this initiative we lift up the proud flag teacher education high up in the air in this part of the city of Hyderabad.

Mission and objectives

  1. to uplift the women of muslim community

  2. to make the teachers more technology driven and futuristic oriented
  3. to nurture the teachers of tomorrow with the right attitude of service and contribution

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